Mia Marie Overgaard: Traffic Collection: Dodo

Wagner Custom Skis has teamed up with TRAFFIC, the go to source for cutting edge artists to bring you a unique Artist Series, a collection of twenty pairs of high tech skis transformed into stunning works of art by four top international artists: Cecilia Lundgren, Mia Marie Overgaard, Wendy Plovmand, and Monsieur Z. Guided by their own unique visions, each of our artist has designed five pairs of striking, original skis, guaranteed to make you stand out on the slopes.

Mia Marie Overgaard

Welcome to Mia’s secret garden, where detailed graphite and color drawings of flora, fauna, and fantasy take over. To see her work is to be transported away from the dull and every day, into a world of childlike wonder. Mia Marie Overgaard is Danish-born and currently resides in Canada. She works with top brands like H&M, Guess, Essence, GAP, Marie Claire Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Volkswagen Neiman Marcus, Air Canada, The Perfect Kiss Records. Mia studied at Holbaek Kunstskøjskole and the Danish School of Design.



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