Danielle DeRoberts (onerary): Boulder Creative Collection: River River

River River graphic- originates from a painting series… Inspired by the songs conceptual lyrics, "Kiss the dirt " by INXS, and a long rafting trip down the Colorado River/ Grand Canyon. A series of drawings, paintings and textiles, that play on the artists experience on the river and the emotion of the song working together. Initially created before the river trip, the lyrics coincidentally became a motto, reflection and guide for the trip itself. ::::: "Playing in the dirt... we find the seeds of love" Danielle seeks to convey the wild grit of the canyon walls...the sublimity of Havasu's blue green water... the deep hues of the canyon stone...moving light and lines of the river in flow and the twisting texture of driftwood. All the while a deeply human element unfolds and transforming that experience into a piece of art. This is accomplished by taking those details- of art and life- that effortlessly fall into place by participating in moments so uniquely shared. Each of our ‘Artist Collection’ designs are a $300 upgrade. We hope you are as inspired as we are by these incredible topsheets.

Danielle DeRoberts (onerary)

Originally from N.Y. and San Francisco, CA- Danielle DeRoberts (Onerary) is a full time artist and collaborator :: painting/drawing, textiles, mural art, graphic design + art installation :: currently residing in Telluride, Colorado. Danielle’s unique technique of embroidering into her paintings, back lighting and expanding them onto walls, creates textured pieces that spring to life--- transforming the two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional installations. Through her art, Danielle desires to create a space where the audience feels welcome to be completely themselves. Her paintings are dream like vessels for her to communicate and she hopes her own creative expression will inspire the viewer to connect with their own soul voice.



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